February 4, 2021

Enterprise-wide Threat Detection and Response Becomes Easy with a Cloud-based AI SOC Solution

Many organizations are moving their business applications, processes, and operations into the cloud in order to take advantage of the flexibility and scalability that cloud provides. However, current threat detection and response solutions aren’t comprehensive or effective in monitoring and securing the cloud environments. They also have a hard time reaching back into on-premises infrastructure and remote employees devices for complete enterprise protection.

To cover as much of their threat surfaces as possible, organizations can go one of three routes:

  1. Those that can afford it, build costly physical security operation centers (SOCs) with industry-leading tools and highly-skilled analysts to execute and centrally manage their cybersecurity strategy. 
  2. Others will turn to outsourcing their security needs using a managed security services provider (MSSP)
  3. The last group will settle for limited threat coverage by deploying whatever cyber security tools they can afford and manage. 

While each approach has advantages, all utilize the same types of disparate security tools and manual processes and, unfortunately, produce mediocre results.

In previous blogs, we’ve highlighted the main challenges organizations face in their threat detection and response approaches:

  • Tools that generate volumes of unverified threat alerts 
  • Lack of security experts to hire, and existing employees need to be highly paid
  • Incomplete visibility across their entire enterprise
  • Missing network-borne threats, allowing them to spread throughout the network
  • Amount of manual effort needed to manage disparate tools

We’ve also talked about how cyber security tools need to start taking on the heavy lifting if the industry is ever going to become effective at finding and stopping cyber attacks.

ARIA CloudADR solves these challenges in an automated and entirely cloud-based solution. In one platform, organizations get AI and ML capabilities, the functionality of seven different security tools—ready to use, right out-of-the-box. 

ARIA CloudADR monitors an organization’s entire threat surface—the cloud, on-premises infrastructure, and remote devices—ingest all generated analytics, and use all of this to detect all known and novel cyberattacks. The ARIA CloudADR uses a threat modeling approach to detect threats by behaviors and leverages ML to help find these behaviors both within the ingested threat analytics and the network data. 

ARIA CloudADR only surfaces confirmed threats and/or cyber-attacks and stops them in minutes as they become active—all without human involvement. Now an organization’s cloud infrastructure and services and its on-premises infrastructures and remote devices are fully protected. 

With ARIA CloudADR, organizations will dramatically enhance their overall security posture. Unlike other cyber security tools, it can be operated anywhere by part-time IT staff with no security training. It can be the cornerstone for the enforcement and monitoring of all security controls, policies, and procedures.

Tags: cyber attack, cybersecurity, data protection