December 5, 2023

Clorox Cyberattack on critical production processes could have been stopped

Cyberattacks on critical production processes and applications are on the rise. Clorox recently filed an 8K that the ongoing attack on their production system’s critical applications has hindered production output significantly into the current quarter.

Clorox warned that sales would be down as much as 28% for the quarter ending Sept. 30. Clorox also estimates its gross margin for the quarter will be down from the year-ago period. It expects to post a per share loss of 35 cents to 75 cents. On an adjusted basis, it projects a loss of up to 40 cents a share or $50M. All due to the after effects of a cyberattack led by Scattered Spider that significantly affected operations.

Clorox also said the cyberattack, continues to hurt production, forcing them to run many automated operations manually well into the current quarter.

This news apparently led to the replacement of their CISO.

So how can companies with critical applications and OT infrastructure, such as manufacturing lines, protect themselves from this growing threat and the ugly outcomes to the massive loss of earnings and the firing of chief executives? 
The answer is a custom-built solution for OT environments that deploys easily, automatically locking these critical assets down from attack. That solution is AZT PROTECT, the advanced AI-driven critical application protection solution from ARIA Cybersecurity. AZT PROTECT shields critical applications and production infrastructure from harm from even the most advanced cybersecurity attacks and by blocking application vulnerabilities from being exploited, while stopping sophisticated intrusions, including supply chain attacks, all forms of malware and ransomware, even automatically blocking day zero -“zero day” attacks. You can put off security patching to normal maintenance windows avoiding production disruption and associated revenue loss. What’s more it deploys on legacy OS systems that have been out of support for years, helping push off major investments in upgrades and the resulting production losses.

AZT integrates with ARIA’s Advanced Detection and Response solution – this allows for detection and immediate remediation upon credential compromise in addition to protecting what is happening on the endpoint. A complete solution to solve your complex OT issues and avoid these types of outcomes.

Tags: cyber attack, cybersecurity